Oaxaca Day of the Dead Photo Tour


with Elisa Paloschi
Oct. 29th to Nov. 8th 2015
8 Nights Oaxaca
2 Nights Ocotlán de Morelos

Located in southern Mexico, Oaxaca is steeped in traditions and is best known for its indigenous peoples and cultures. Rich in history, the area is a fascinating destination to explore ancient civilizations, colonial art, architecture and the vibrant colours of daily life through the lens of your camera.  The Day of the Dead is the biggest celebration of the year, and the most magical time to visit. Besides the festivities, we will also explore the bustling life of the city, and will venture into the countryside to photograph rural landscapes, indigenous communities, tiny villages and small towns.

This tour is for anyone interested in photography, from novice to experienced amateur or professionals, who want to expand their vision, improve technical skills, and change the way they see. This tour will provide an opportunity to meet with people who are totally immersed in photography, exchange ideas and share enthusiasm with others involved in the medium. Time spent as a group can be a journey both visually and emotionally - a time for the soul to get away from the daily routines and refresh the creative energies.

Elisa Paloschi is a Toronto based filmmaker and photographer who spends most of her time traveling far from the city.  She's been designing and leading photography tours since 2005 to places like India, Italy and now Mexico. She's known for exploring far off the beaten track (even in the middle of a tourist destination), and for her uncanny ability to wiggle her way into the strangest of places. Her aim is to share her love of photography and travel, while taking you places you’d never imagine, all while showing off her super-power like skills of finding the light. Website

Surface transportation starting at hotel, 2 dinners,10 nights accomodation based on double occupancy

airfare from your point of origin to Oaxaca
meals where not specified
cancellation and medical insurance
transportation to and from the airport and transportation outside the scope of the organized tour event.
additional fee for less than 6 participants

Please contact us to request more information. Payment may be made by or by Paypal with an additional fee.

Photographs ©2015 Lynda Wilde - Content ©2015 Elisa Paloschi